JeruZalem: Horror is Going Virtual as Sequel Gets The Green Light

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JeruZalem: Horror is Going Virtual as Sequel Gets The Green Light
Deadline is reporting that Israeli writer/directors and brothers, Doron and Yoav Paz, are working on a sequel for their first-person horror film JeruZalem. The first film claimed to be shot on Google glasses. This time they are planning to use another technology in the sequel.
This time around, the filmmakers are incorporating an 'extensive virtual reality component' in which viewers can place themselves in the film.
“There is a trend right now in Israel within the vc world that is doing investment in the VR space,” said Berenson. “The first film when we started working on it was when Google glasses were being talked about and used that. For the second film, we are going to have the virtual reality element which will allow fan an immersive world on VR platforms. The intention of the first movie was to show city of Jerusalem through the eye of the tourist. This one will allow audiences to experience Jerusalem truly first hand.”
The Paz Brothers commented, “The team at Epic Pictures helped us realize our dream of scaring the shit out of people all over the world!  We’re thrilled to partner them again for JeruZalem 2 – this time with a virtual reality element that opens up a whole new world of creative opportunities for us as filmmakers.”
Now with this new VR element I do not know what this means or how it would even work. Does it mean that filmgoers will go into the cinema with their own VR goggles and at certain times thrown them own for a select virtual experience? Will they wear the goggles all the time? 
This certainly is a change up of the movie going experience. What do cinemas have to do accomodate this technology? So many questions. 
There are no plot details or casting news to share with you at this time. The Paz brothers will be in Montreal for the Frontieres Co-Production Market pitching another film. 
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