Imagine 2015: What The Audiences Liked Best

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All good things must come to an end. And even though, at eleven days long, the 31st Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam was longer than ever, this weekend it still ended.

Last Friday saw the awards ceremony, where Liza, the Fox-Fairy won the Silver Méliès Award. All festivals which are part of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (the EFFFF for short) give away a Silver Méliès, out of which, once a year, the Golden Méliès is chosen, meaning Liza, the Fox-Fairy is now officially nominated for gold.

Aside from that, the Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam has its own independent prize as well: the Black Tulip Award, which went to Partho Sen-Gupta's Mumbai-based child abduction drama Sunrise. In his review, Pierce Conran called the ink-black film noirish and riveting, burning with anger and bursting with style.

Of course, critics and juries can choose all they like, but what did the paying public think? Which films were they happy with? To determine that, audiences get to vote for the Silver Scream Award. And while this year didn't see any records broken (unlike last year), judging from the scores on the entire list, people were obviously happy with what was offered.

Kudos once again to the festival programmers of course, and it also says something about the amount of good genre films, currently touring in the festival circuit.
Here is a closer look at the top 15 highest rated films in the list: Click on the edge of the images to go to the next slide, or in the center to (sometimes) get a bigger version of the picture.

And do chime in, in the comments, about your own favorites!

In the olden days of the festival, Amsterdam audiences didn't need voting to voice their general agreement or disagreement. The earliest incarnations, decades ago, were famously rowdy affairs, with applause at each inventive kill on-screen, loud vomiting noises for each tender kiss, and choruses of "WHORE!" yelled at each sign of seduction.

Nowadays, this behavior has been assigned to a specific small part(y) of the festival, and opinions get forwarded in a bit more civil manner.

Voting is done through cards everyone receives at the entrance of each screening, and you vote by tearing the card a little at the rating of your choice. A score of one means hopeless, two is bad, three is mediocre, four is good, and a score of five means excellent. All ratings are counted, and the averages stretched to fit a scale of ten.

Ratings are often brutal at Imagine Festival, its audience still known for being outspoken and unforgiving. That means a high rating here is nothing to be sneezed at, so flip through the next slides to see the top 15 highest rated films of this year's Imagine Film Festival!

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