The Stack Holiday Gift Guide 2014, Scary Movies: Episode 6 Includes SHOCK WAVES, PROM NIGHT, And More

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The Stack Holiday Gift Guide 2014, Scary Movies: Episode 6 Includes SHOCK WAVES, PROM NIGHT, And More
Welcome back to The Stack! While I'm doing gift guide episodes, I also need to do one or two regular episodes covering the other stuff that pours into ye olde office. But the truth is that all of this stuff makes for great gift giving. The following are some horror films that have arrived in in the last couple of weeks. 

Shock Waves (1977) is the granddaddy of Nazi zombie movies like Dead Snow (2009) and Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead (2014) know, all those other Nazi zombie movies. It's also undeniably creepy and stars John Carradine, Peter Cushing and Brooke Adams. Carradine and Cushing are recognizable for their legendary status as horror icons and while they don't have any scenes here it's nice to see them up on screen. Brooke Adams, also made major genre contributions through her lead roles in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) and The Dead Zone (1983), David Cronenbergs adaptation of Stephen Kings novel. As for the Nazi Zombies themselves they are unforgettable even by modern standards and Shock Waves is a 

Synapse Films sent along their restored Prom Night (1980) which is as absolutely gorgeous as everyone reviewing it has said it is. Ton of extras, etc. Also in that envelope were both Demons (1985) and Demons 2 (1986). These weren't the steelbook versions packed with extras they put out earlier. But you do get the same transfer. These films have probably never looked this good. No steelbook packaging, no extras but far less expensive.

Lastly MPI Home Video sent along the Spanish horror thriller House at the End of Time aka La casa del fin de los tempos (2014). I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but Spanish based horror has been on a serious upswing for a few years now and I'm looking forward to giving this one a chance. It''s a ghost story that takes place over a period of thirty years and promises to give a stylish twist on time worn material. 

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