New To Netflix: Brain Surgery! Amigos! Stephen Chow! Paddy Considine! Michael Caine Impressions! And More!

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While it may appear that ScreenAnarchy is taken over by TIFF at the moment, we realize the vast majority of you are not in Toronto for the film festival.  

And for the minority of that majority who have Netflix subscriptions, wherever you are, perhaps you want an idea or two of what to watch. This week we have Albert Brooks' flop-sweat, Brad Pitt all crazy-eyed, Paddy Considine as a spiritual guru, Stephen Chow vs. the Axe Gang, Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan doing Michael Caine impressions, Dr. Henry Marsh doing pro-bono brain surgery in old Soviet-bloc Europe, as well as Resolution, one of the few found footage films worth a damn!


Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson got a lot of coverage in these pages as they took their very meta (more so than even The Cabin in the Woods) horror film across the genre festival circuit to rave reviews, awards and a limited theatrical release. If you never managed to catch it there, it has finally arrived here.

A friend helps his meth-addled pal detox in an isolated cabin, on an Indian burial ground, near a mental hospital, with religious crazies wandering about. Strange multimedia objects keep landing in their lap to suggest that they are being watched, recorded, and possibly more nefarious plots. Humour and horror (and drama) are all mixed together into a twisted semiotic pretzel which is an ode to our collective addiction to scary movies.

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