Fantasia 2013 Gets All Wrapped Up With Our Top Picks and Reviews

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The Fantasia Film Festival is all wrapped up and we've got links to all our coverage and some fun answers to what we loved and didn't below!

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LIBRARY WARS. Japanese Feel-Good Action Cinema by Andrew Mack
MACHI ACTION, Heartfelt Hero Worship From Taiwan by Andrew Mack
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MAGIC MAGIC Spirals Into Madness To Great Effect by Kurt Halfyard
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What was your favorite film, overall?

Andrew Mack: Big Bad Wolves. Not only is it a decent thriller in the vein of Park's Vengeance trilogy. But it takes that violence to the next level while also managing to be hilarious as well. Very few movies have made me clamp my hand over my mouth to keep myself from yelling out profanities in surprise. And very few films make me laugh this much too. Is it okay to laugh during a movie when police are torturing a suspected child killer? Apparently.

Kurt Halfyard: Broken Circle Breakdown, the bittersweet Flemish melodrama from Felix van Groeningen involving love, loss, and bluegrass musical numbers had an overwhelming emotional effect on me as I took it in with a packed house at Concordia's J.A. de Sève theatre. The movie is manipulative in the best possible ways without losing one bit of its earnestness and integrity. At one point I looked around and half the audience was crying, the tears reflecting back towards the front of the room the light coming from the screen. Powerful and quite sophisticated storytelling (the film is told out of order for maximum effect) and to incredible lead performances, between this and The Misfortunates, anything from van Groeningen is an instant must see, and Broken Circle Breakdown is in the running for my favourite film of the year.

Justin Delcoux: The Great Passage is a small Japanese epic about a group of people writing a dictionary over a period of fifteen years. It's not overly dramatic, nor does it ever attempt for any grandiose statements, but it has got subtle moments of character that left a lasting impact.

Greg Christie: Would it be some form of a social faux pas if I listed a theatrical play? Title 66 productions' rendition of Clive Barker's sprawling epic appropriately named The History of the Devil may have been the most impressive and dazzling work of storytelling that I experienced during my time in Montreal. Hand-picked by Mitch Davis after a brief run earlier in the year, History of the Devil is three hours of funny, intellectually stimulating, haunting, beautiful, and visceral material. Devil garnered a lot of popularity in Europe where in played in London for 2 years before touring the rest of the continent but it's only received a few scant productions in North America. This was a rare chance to see a masterful piece of theatre performed by developing masters and it was by far the most memorable thing I saw at Fantasia this year. Otherwise, if I have to choose a film, it'd be Resurrection of a Bastard.

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