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Review: THE TALE OF KING CRAB, Delicious Cinematic Derring-Do

Gabriele Silli's recurring craggy face and his smooth, clear voice guides us through the most unlikely places in an odd sort of Western adventure, directed by Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppis.

Opening This Week: THE TENDER BAR Romanticizes, PARALLEL MOTHERS Twists, HIP BEAT Fights

Also: Garth Jennings' 'Sing 2,' opening Wednesday, December 22, is better than the first one.

LAGUNAS, LA GUARIDA DEL DIABLO: Watch The Trailer For Marc Carrete's Latest Now!

Writer-director Marc Carrete (Asmodexia) premiered the first trailer for his upcoming new feature Lagunas, La Guarida del Diablo two days ago at the Molins Horror Film Festival and we're happy to present the online premiere of the Spanish language...

Friday One Sheet: DONDE CABEN DOS

Turquoise and pink, lots of skin, and a dash of neon, are all on artful display in Barfutura's design for this Spanish sex-comedy. The stand out here is the casual, but intentional, obfuscation of nipples and crotches. The entire ensemble...

Now Streaming: THE IDHUN CHRONICLES Concludes Gently

Michelle Jenner again leads the voice cast in an anime adaptation of Laura Gallego's popular YA book, now streaming on Netflix.

Review: SLEEP TIGHT (MIENTRAS DUERMES), Completely Unsettling

Luis Tosar and Marta Etura star in a superb, nerve-twisting thriller by director Jaume Balaguero, now streaming on Shudder.

Coming Soon on Criterion: MINDING THE GAP, Dylan By Scorsese, Soviet ASCENT

Plus: The final 3 films by Luis Bunuel in a new Blu-ray set.

Sitges 2020: NO MATARÁS Trailer, Mario Casas in a Frantic Spiral

Set to screen at the upcoming Sitges International Film Festival, David Victori's No matarás (English title: Cross the Line) stars Spanish actor Mario Casas, who is well-known among his fans for his lead performances, especially in romantic dramas and on...

New York 2020 Review: THE HUMAN VOICE, Quintessential Almodovar, Plus Tilda Swinton in Short Form

Hopefully, this isn't the first and last collaboration between Pedro Almodovar and Tilda Swinton, because this short film is an extremely enjoyable experience.

Now Streaming: THE IDHUN CHRONICLES, Nimble Spanish Anime

Michelle Jenner leads the voice cast in an anime adaptation of Laura Gallego's popular YA book, now streaming on Netflix.

Now Streaming: THE PLATFORM, Nightmare in a Hole

Director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia's film, now on Netflix, offers an acute understanding of what it is like to have and have not.

GUNPOWDER HEART Trailer: Trouble Is Sure To Follow

The trailer for Polvora en el corazón (English title: Gunpowder Heart) strongly suggests that trouble is brewing for two young women. Written and directed by Camila Urrutia, the film stars Andrea Henry and Vanessa Hernández in a drama. Urrutia previously...

Poster And Images From Marc Carrete's EL ESPIRITISTA

Asmodexia director Marc Carrete has been in these pages many times over the years and he's back again with his latest project, El Espiritista. Set in 1950's Spain the film follows a spiritist photographer who travels to a small town...

Vancouver 2019 Review: PAIN AND GLORY, Restrained and Reinvigorated

Antonio Banderas does perhaps his best work to date in Pain and Glory, for which he deservedly won Best Actor at this year's Cannes Film Festival. He slips surprisingly well into Pedro Almodovar's loafers -- easier than sneakers to put...

THE PLATFORM Trailer: Stunning Design Meets Searing Political Commentary in this Spanish Dystopian Thiller

With brilliant production design that recalls the the Brutalist feel of Stuart Gordon's Fortress, and an ingenious, claustrophobic premise reminiscent of Vincenzo Natali's Cube, The Platform looks to join the pantheon of smart science fiction allegories. The film by Galder...

Toronto 2019 Review: THE PLATFORM Is a Dystopian Feast of Social Inequality

A man wakes up in a spartan concrete room, with a copy of Don Quixote, and a composed, elderly roommate. The number 48 is stencilled on the wall, and there is an open elevator shaft that divides the space. The...

Venice 2019 Review: MADRE Takes Short To Feature From 0-100 MPH

With a background mostly in Spanish TV, and more recently features, writer-director Rodrigo Sorogoyen is a man who definitely knows how to grab your attention. Unlike me, you shouldn't write off this Spanish-French coproduction simply because of its painfully unoriginal...

Now Streaming: VICTIM NUMBER 8, Terrorist Melodrama Turns Trashy

The limited Spanish series teases terrorism at every turn.

Now Streaming: BOI, Driving and Mystifying

Bernat Quintana, Andrew Lua and Adrian Pang star in the Spanish mystery, directed by Jorge M. Fontana.

Velasco Broca's AUTONOMOUS GODS Visits The God Zoo

We here at Screen Anarchy are proud to be hosting the world premiere of Spanish madman Velasco Broca's new short film series Autonomous Gods - a collaboration with audiovisual collective Canódromo Abandonado - and today we move on to episode...