Friday One Sheet: EDEN

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Friday One Sheet: EDEN

This is the second time Villuti Creative Studio (the studio that did the exceptional key art for Dennis Villeneuve's Enemy) has been featured for Spanish eco-spa horror picture Edén. While the first one featured the vastness of the wilderness, the second heads underwater, with a focus on turbidity.

The lead character breaches the surface downward, in what appears to be wonder (or a fugue state kind of rebirth). The odd thing about the key art here is the raven underwater. I cannot seem to wrap my mind around why it is there unless someone was afraid of too much negative space. Baffling.

More coherent is the centralized title with its orbiting 'above the line' cast and 'below the line' credit block. I suppose both the woman and the bird are drawing the gaze to the centre of the design, but I cannot help but think that this otherwise superb poster might have benefited without the raven.


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