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New York 2022 Review: STARS AT NOON, Rum, Sweat and Rain Soak Love Story in Global South

Directed by Claire Denis, the political-intrigue drama stars Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn.

Review: IO, A Philosophy of Existence and Connection

It is not easy to know when to have the courage to change something, and when to have the wisdom to accept what can’t be changed. Or even if something can be changed, when it might be too late to...

New DEATH NOTE Trailer: You're Going to Get Yours

Boy, I hope this is good. Directed by Adam Wingard, Death Note is heading to Netflix on August 25. The English-language version has the following official description: "Intoxicated by the power of a supernatural notebook, a young man begins killing...

Adam Winguard's Death Note Begins Shooting in Vancounver