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New DRACULA Teaser Assures: 'You're Doing Very Well'

What? Yet another version of the famed blood-sucking vampire? Before you yawn, watch this teaser for the upcoming Dracula from BBC. Running less than 60 seconds, the teaser includes all the basic points that horror fans demand (blood, bloody teeth,...

Vancouver 2017 Review: THE SQUARE, An Uncomfortable Delight

Ruben Östlund is proving himself to be a keen observer of the human (specifically, male) condition, and one who can draw humor from its depths without losing any empathy along the way.

Baffling Yet Delightful: Behold THE SQUARE Trailer

I just watched this trailer and, frankly, I have no idea what The Square is about. But recently my mind has been opened up by watching David Lynch's Twin Peaks: The Return, and so I don't even know if things...