Fantasia 2022 Preview: POLARIS Kicks Off Giddy Genre Movie Celebration

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Even before I began contributing to this site in 2005, I heard about Fantasia International Film Festival. Founded in Montreal, Canada, in 1996, the sprawling festival is the grandfather of all genre-film festivals in North American, and has unleashed untold joy into the entire movie-loving world.

My editorial colleague and True Canadian Andrew Mack has been positively giddy with excitement about the festival's return to in-person screenings, which he has been documenting in a series of articles that I trust you've been reading as they've been published over the past couple months. This year's event gets underway Thursday, July 14.

Some of our sterling editors and faithful contributing writers will be attending in person this year, including Kurt Halfyard and J Hurtado, who have kindly shared their thoughts on the films that they are mostly highly anticipating. You can enjoy their comments by clicking through the gallery below.

Kurt Halfyard and J Hurtado contributed to this story.

Visit the official festival page to learn more.

Set a film in the snow, and I am there. Set it in a post-apocalyptic winter wasteland with action set-pieces, and I am there with frickin’ bells on. Kirsten Carthew’s Polaris is Fantasia’s opening night film this year, shot and set in Canada’s Yukon, with an intense young star, Korean-Canadian Viva Lee. Also: Polar Bear.

-- Kurt Halfyard

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