Cinequest 2023 Review: CARNIFEX, Toe to Toe with Something Ravenous

Alexandra Park, Sisi Stringer, and Harry Greenwood star in director Sean Lahiff's Australian horror thriller.

Cinequest 2023 Review: ABRUPTIO, Puppets, Bloody Bloody Puppets

James Marsters, Hana Mae Lee, Jordan Peele, Christopher McDonald, Robert Englund, and Sid Haig star in a horror thriller, directed by Evan Marlowe.

Cinequest 2023 Review: 11.11.18 Slogs Through War

Antoine Sauwen and Django Schrevens Da Silva directed the war drama, starring Fabian Schoog, Oumar Diolo, Samuel Van Der Swalmen, Arthur Marbaix, and Alexandre Hérault.

Cinequest 2023 Review: BIBI, Forget the Inner Demons, Confront the Prowler

Elizabeth Paige, Judith Ann Diminni, Tammy Blanchard, Rick Zahn, Juliana Davies and Rowan Castro star in a thriller directed by Christopher Beatty.

Now Streaming: THE WIZ, Ease on Down the Road

It's not really The Wizard of Oz, but this whimsical Black spin-off is certainly able to stand on its own two feet with such elegant vibrance that has resonated with audiences for over four decades. Directed by Sidney Lumet, this...

Now Streaming: JEREMIAH JOHNSON, An American Epic

Robert Redford stars in Sydney Pollack's epic adventure, originally released in 1972, and now streaming on Max.

Now Streaming: ARNOLD, Austrian Bodybuilder Sets His Sights on Hollywood

Directed by Lesley Chilcott, the documentary series is now streaming on Netflix.

LAKOTA NATION VS. UNITED STATES Review: Mesmerizing True Story

It's not very often that people get to see indigenous representation on the screen but Jesse Short Bull and Laura Tomaselli pull it off with this fresh documentary, Lakota Nation vs. United States. In this tale of justice and reparations,...

20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL Review: Thoughtful and Provocative

Mstyslav Chernov directed the documentary, covering the first 20 days after Russian invaded Ukraine.


Stephen Kijack directed the documentary, now streaming on Max.

Now Streaming: THE PEBBLE AND THE PENGUIN, Underrated Don Bluth Film

Filmmaker Don Bluth is underrated as it is, and so is this movie. Usually, when people think of penguins in movies, they think of Happy Feet or maybe Surf's Up, but The Pebble and the Penguin (1995) is an overlooked...

Now Streaming: RETURN TO OZ, Much Darker

Something that has been largely forgotten in the Walt Disney Pictures library is 1985's Return to Oz. If you are a millennial and you grew up in the 80s, you should know about this movie, despite the fact that it...

SAM NOW Review: Objectively Simple, Yet Emotionally Gut-Wrenching

What does somebody do when your mom decides to leave? It's simple. You track her down. At least, that's what Sam Harkness did with the help of his half-brother Reed, as the two young boys, now men, embarked on a...

Now Streaming: LAST FLIGHT HOME, Bold, Captivating, Heart-Wrenching

In this epic, yet sad tale of death and life, director Ondi Timoner profiles the last days of her father Eli with meticulous respect and caring for her now-deceased father and family. The story goes into explicit detail about Timoner...

CHEVALIER Review: Gifted Violinist Takes Center Stage

Kelvin Harrison Jr., Samara Weaving, and Lucy Boynton star in the biographical drama, directed by Stephen Williams.

JOURNEY BACK TO OZ Review: Forgotten Beauty

Liza Minelli voices Dorothy in the animated feature, completed in 1972.

Now Streaming: ERASERHEAD, Weirdness Personified

David Lynch's classic is available to stream on both HBO Max and The Criterion Channel.

Critical Distance: Why THE SHINING Is a Better Horror Movie Than THE EXORCIST

The Exorcist has been a staple in the horror film genre and it has certainly left a big impression on fans in 1973 through today. However, I am here to point out that the William Friedkin film may lose some...

Now Streaming: LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE, Uneven and Bombastic, But Mila Kunis Shines

Director Mike Barker unveils Luckiest Girl Alive, based on the book of the same name by Jessica Knoll. In the film, Mila Kunis stars as magazine editor TifAni FaNelli and is set to marry her fiance, Luke Harrison. FaNelli, however,...

Now Streaming: MANK, David Fincher and Brilliance

Gary Oldman stars in David Fincher's brilliant drama, now streaming on Netflix.