SAM NOW Review: Objectively Simple, Yet Emotionally Gut-Wrenching

SAM NOW Review: Objectively Simple, Yet Emotionally Gut-Wrenching

What does somebody do when your mom decides to leave? It's simple. You track her down. At least, that's what Sam Harkness did with the help of his half-brother Reed, as the two young boys, now men, embarked on a magnificent adventure to find Sam's mother after she disappeared.

This audacious and nostalgic joy ride of a film uplifts the spirits and brightens the soul. Both Sam and Reed have an earnestness that never wavers in how endearing they come across as. The film prides itself on being objectively simple in nature, yet emotionally gut-wrenching in its execution.

It's almost like watching a time capsule replay your life in super-speed without pause or interruption, making the viewer look back on all of the times that they didn't appreciate their loved one or took for granted someone close to them without realizing their importance until their absence was the ultimate fate.

The Harkness brothers seem to be going through a hodgepodge of a quarter-life crisis with the two men struggling to understand how the absence of Sam's mother has affected them, while also embracing the change like a caterpillar blossoming into a butterfly in its transcendent metamorphosis.

The two brothers have utilized their own form of therapy with the film and have given a piece of themselves to the audience for consumption in the price of a video rental. It seems readily prepared for anyone who needs to heal from some sort of abandonment trauma that they may have incurred.

All in all, this film is what happens when you take some bravery, trust and hope and manifest it into the world and watch what good things can come from it. All I know is that I highly recommend this film for all to see.

The film is now available to watch on various Video On Demand platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and VUDU. Visit the official site for more information.

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