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Morbido Fest 2016 Review: ARE WE NOT CATS Purrs

I didn't get to see as many films as I would have liked to at Morbido 2016, but Are We Not Cats was one of them. I'm glad to have seen this surprising and bold piece of filmmaking. Directed by...

Morbido Fest 2016 Recap: Days 4 - 5

Ah, if only I'd been able to write all of this while I'd been at Morbido 2016. But when traveling, sometimes the wifi gods won't enable us to get on with our work. Anyway: Day 4 I have breakfast with...

Morbido Fest 2016 Recap: Days 1 - 3

There is a magical place in Mexico City, and it is Morbido Fest. Day 1 Wednesday night, the opening night ceremony took place, but just before that, us filmmakers were treated to a private reception of freshly baked breads, a...

Morbido Fest Unleashes Upon Mexico City Tonight!

Morbido Fest 2016 goes from November 2 - 6 in Mexico City this year, and I can't tell you how excited I am.  It's my first Morbido, and the second time I've had a short film in the festival. (Last...