THE PASSENGER (LA PASAJERA) is Coming to Cinemas in Spain Next Week

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THE PASSENGER (LA PASAJERA) is Coming to Cinemas in Spain Next Week
A shared van in which a man and three women are traveling hits a tourist who is walking in the dark on a secondary road. After getting her into the vehicle to take her to the nearest hospital, the occupants of the old van begin to notice that the new passenger is behaving strangely. They will soon understand that to save their lives they must follow a clear rule: do not sit next to him.
Hola Espana! Good news coming your way! Fernando González Gómez and Raúl Cerezo's sci-fi/horror The Passenger (La Pasajera) is coming to cinemas in Spain on February 18th! 
We caught La Pasajera when it played at Morbido last October. You may find our full review here
It is the event on the mountain pass that begins to forge alliances between Blasco and his passengers, putting their quarrels aside. From the moment they come across some debris strewn across the road La pasajera takes off like a rocket, into a stratosphere of otherworldly chills and thrills. Sprinkling all the action with dark humor makes this little indie horror flick stand out. 
Of course a lot of praise needs to be made for Cerezo and Gómez doing as much in camera effects as possible. A lot of it is terrific makeup effects with lots of goo.
Check out the trailer below. Unfortunately for the rest of us whose espanol es muy malo there are not subtitles but it gives you a great glimpse of the horror and effects. Very cool. 
After its premiere in the Official Fantàstic Panorama Section of the Sitges Festival, Fernando González Gómez and Raúl Cerezo premiered "LA PASAJERA" in cinemas, an adventure aboard a van shared by several people that mixes comedy with the fantastic and horror genre
After its world premiere in the Official Section of the Sitges Festival, and its participation in the Mórbido Film Festival in Mexico, the Horror Film Week in Donostia, the Fancine in Malaga, the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival and the Festival Isla Calavera de Canarias, next February 18, LA PASAJERA, the first joint feature film by Raúl Cerezo, renowned Spanish short filmmaker of the fantasy genre, and Fernando González Gómez (Standard, 2021) will premiere in commercial theaters throughout Spain. Produced by Persons Films, La Dalia Films, SG Producciones and Eye Slice Pictures, LA PASAJERA is shot entirely in Navarra with the support of the Government of Navarra and the Navarra Film Office.
This fun road-movie with intense suspense and frenetic action with a script by Luis Sánchez-Polack, was born from an original idea by Raúl Cerezo himself, in which he proposes a harrowing work of horror with touches of comedy and fantastic cinema. LA PASAJERA relies mainly on its peculiar characters played by Ramiro Blas (Blasco), Cecilia Suárez (Mariela), Cristina Alcázar (Lidia) and Paula Gallego (Marta), immersed throughout the story in an atmosphere of continuous suspense that allows the spectator have a good time while feeling fear.
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