Sanfic-Morbido Lab 2021: 5 Chilean Premieres Added to This Year's Production Lab

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Sanfic-Morbido Lab 2021: 5 Chilean Premieres Added to This Year's Production Lab
Yesterday Variety was the first to announce this year's lineup for Sanfic-Morbido Lab, the collaboration between Sanfic and Grupo Morbido to further genre cinema in Chile and South America. 
The six selected projects will spend three days with Grupo Morbido's Pablo Guisa learning about development, promotion and exhibition. There they will be prepped to pitch in front of industry guests and experts at Sanfic Industria. They will also receive feedback from our friend, Adrian Garcia Bogliano. 
In addition to the lab there will also be a series of public screenings for other genre films from around the world. They will be presented under the label Morbido Fest at Sanfic. These will be the Chilean premieres for each of the five features and will play between November 1st and 5th. 
Phil Tippet’s Mad God, the Chilean anthology film Apps, Jimena Monteoliva’s Bievenidos al Infierno, Daniel de la Vega’s On the 3rd Day, both films I've reviewed this year, and Mario Muñoz’s Los Minutos Negros from Mexico have the distinction of being those five films.
There is more about each of the Lab selections in the excerpts below. The poster was designed by Chilean-Ecuadorian artist Alberto Montt. 
“The partnership between Sanfic and Morbido diversifies and presents new and better options both for professionals and audiences interested in genre,” Morbido founder and CEO Pablo Guisa told Variety. “This year we will present an official selection of five new films for the first Morbido Fest at Sanfic Industria which will consist of screenings at venues in both Santiago and Valparaiso, along with the Sanfic-Morbido Lab. We´ll host events that will be covering an area that ranges from film development to promotion and exhibition.”
“This is the first time that Sanfic-Morbido is hosting functions open to the public, and we’re thrilled with how our collaborative work with Pablo and Grupo Morbido has grown,” added Sanfic Industria head Gabriela Sandoval.
Six feature projects will participate in this year’s Sanfic-Morbido Lab, where producers will spend three days under the tutelage of Guisa, learning about development, promotion and exhibition. A legendary pitchman himself, he will also prep the teams to pitch in front of industry guests and experts attending the Sanfic Industria event. Participants will also receive feedback from Spanish horror auteur Adrian Garcia Bogliano (“Cold Sweat,” “Here Comes the Devil”).
Mexico provides the bulk of this year’s projects, including Alejandro Alegre’s “El Sol Consumirá Todo,” a story about a dark family secret uncovered after a patriarch’s death; Carlos Meléndez’s “The Roots of Evil,” unspooling in Mexico’s Ministry of Exorcism, a department specialized in the religious procedure; Walter Alvarez’s “Pájaro Sagrado,” about memory, family and witchcraft; and “Zarzal,” a supernatural tale in which hordes of demon children inhabit a deserted town from Morbido team members Gabriel Govela Azuela and Patricio Bidault.
“The second edition of Sanfic-Morbido Lab grows and consolidates as an important starting point for new genre projects, now including the documentary format. We have continued working and following up with the projects presented in the first edition and will soon start pre-production on two of them,” said Guisa. “We also plan to continue supporting more projects from each edition with funding and by bringing them to the attention of other potential producers in the region.”
Bienvenidos al Infierno” (Jimena Monteoliva, Crudo Films, Argentina)
Los Minutos Negros” (Mario Muñoz, Voces Imaginarias, Mexico)
Apps” (Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León, Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel Zuñiga, Samot Marquez, Chile, Argentina)
On the 3rd Day” (Daniel de la Vega, Del Toro Films, Furia Films, Argentina)
Mad God” (Phil Tippet, Tippett Studio, U.S.)
El Sol Consumirá Todo” (Alejandro G. Alegre, Mexico)
The Roots of Evil” (Carlos Meléndez, Mexico)
The Mermaid of Monterrey” (Marlene Grinberg, Argentina)
Pájaro Sagrado” (Walter Alvarez, Mexico)
Retratos” (Gabriel Musco, Argentina)
Zarzal” (Gabriel Govela, Patricio Bidault, Mexico)
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