Morbido 2020: Our Favorite Mexican Genre Fest Goes Hybrid, Call For Entries Begins!

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Of all the festival announcements and followup I have done this year, in the year of our Lord, Covid, this one stings the most. If you’ve been with us for a while and if anything I’ve done over the years has been worthy of your attention you know that the Morbido Film Fest in Mexico holds a special place in my heart. So much so that the festival runners are much more than just friends. Morbido es mi familia. Fellow Anarchists know how vehemently protective I am of my relationship with the festival. 
Speaking in passing with other converted Familia de Morbido members here at home and in the LatAm over the recent months we kind of already knew and resigned to the reality that this news was soon coming. Other years that I was unable to attend due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances often resulted in a fair amount of swearing and gnashing of teeth. This year there has just been this growing sadness as the back half of the year approaches. With the first wave of the pandemic only just on the downward trend in Mexico since the beginning of the month there is no way the usual festival format can run safely at the end of October. Even so, current travel restrictions and the Quarantine Act set by my government does not list “going to Mexico to eat tacos and watch movies” as an ‘essential service’.
For the first time ever there will be no international, not even national, guests at the festival. Woah. But good news for the locals! Morbido is still happening!
It will run under a hybrid format this year, utilizing their subscription TV channel MorbidoTV for the short films and a drive-in cinema, likely Autocinema Coyote Polanco. for the feature films. IF, safety allows, there will be public screenings at a cinema. We figure the usual cinema downtown, Cinepolis Diana, will be that spot. IF safety allows. 
So long story short it’s time to send your movies to Morbido if you’re still looking for a home for them this Fall. Regardless of the circumstances, Morbido is still an awesome festival and if accepted they will treat your film right and give it as much love as they can under this temporary format.
Make your way through the gallery below to see how to submit your film and other useful tidbits like categories and prizes, the coveted Morbido skulls. 
There will be a press conference, launch of 2020 Poster and we are told, suprises in September.


An uncertain future makes it crystal clear that the flexibility to adapt is key for survival.

In those terms, Morbido 2020 will have a hybrid identity. The festival will take place on the pay tv channel Morbido TV, online, a drive-in and hopefully in theaters, fully respecting the sanitary guidelines of Mexico City.

Because of the pandemic and the present sanitary restrictions we will not be able to host international nor national guests but we underline that all our screenings will be accompanied by Q/A Sessions with the filmmakers in our selection. These sessions will be broadcast on Morbido TV and its app during the festival.

SHORT FILM SELECTION / Pay TV + Online 31st Oct through 06 Nov

FEATURE FILM SELECTION / Drive In + Cinemas 31st Oct through 06 Nov

Important: Due to the present conditions we remain alert to the development of the pandemic or any other extraordinary situation. In case festival dates or festival venues need to be modified we will duly inform all participants.

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