Friday One Sheet: THE ROOSTER

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Friday One Sheet: THE ROOSTER

This dark, moody and minimalist key art from Australian design house Barlow.Agency injects some metaphor and iconography into Mark Leonard Winter's feature film debut, The Rooster. We have featured the design work of Timothy Barlow's company a few years ago for the short film, Green

The textured feather and muted red comb of the rooster is counterbalanced with the warm smoothness of the egg in its beak (the colour of which is echoed in the brown of the eye). The title and credit block are well enough out of the way at the bottom, so much so that all I can focus on is the bird and its eye. It is compelling even if it does not offer much of a clue as to what the film is about. 

Hugo Weaving's name should be enough to get bums in seats in the Land Down Under.


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