Friday One Sheet: THE BIKERIDERS

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Friday One Sheet: THE BIKERIDERS

Exuding casual mid-century mid-western cool, freedom and wide open space, the key art for Jeff Nichols' biker saga, spanning the 1950s and 1960s rise of The Vandals, wears its iconography with ease. No credit block for this bad boy, just the above the line stars in block-font, off-white and off-teal. The design exudes and undiluted confidence, the same as the independent, rebellious characters within.

The R-rating insignia and studio logo are subtly tucked away in the shadow of the bike. (A quick aside: I pleased that Focus Features is still hanging on and supporting talented indie filmmakers like Nichols, with that sweet spot of a mid-range budget.)

The rest is glorious negative space, like the good lord intended.

For your viewing pleasure, the trailer is included below.

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