Friday One Sheet: DONDE CABEN DOS

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Friday One Sheet: DONDE CABEN DOS

Turquoise and pink, lots of skin, and a dash of neon, are all on artful display in Barfutura's design for this Spanish sex-comedy. The stand out here is the casual, but intentional, obfuscation of nipples and crotches. The entire ensemble cast of the film is assembled on a velvet couch together. Notably, and interestingly, they are still kind of separated in small groups. The predominant facial expression is of joy.

The use of a fat bold typeface, with an actors-only credit block (it is a large cast), a piece of vaginal fruit, and an innuendo-rich tagline about "happy endings," the film is putting it all out there, without actually putting it all out there. Instead it does what a poster does: It teases.

On a related note, the Danish comedy Klovn went a little *NSFW* further in its marketing fervor about a decade ago. Why do they only make these kind of sex comedies in Europe?  The closest comedy analogs in North America I can think of are The Overnight, and Zack & Miri Make A Porno.

There is no English title for Paco Caballero's Donde Caben Dos, but the literal translation is "Where Two Fit."


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