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The genre sales and distribution companies, such as XYZ and here, Neon, have been favouring bold (and surreal) pink and blue in their posters as of late, and there is still much water (and glitter) in the well. Take, for example, this striking key art for Amy Seimetz's She Dies Tomorrow as proof that not all Photoshop is bad, some is, in fact, exceptional. Were he alive today, I believe Saul Bass would nod in approval.

In particular, I love the contour lines of Legion Creative Group's design here that act like a topological/psychedelic halo to the two states of mind of lead actress Kate Lyn Sheil. It reminds me of the poster to another psychological thriller from the independent film world, Cam.

The title card slammed in high impact font and darker red, feels like a strange, dark promise, to walk into a film. A foreboding one, that is not 'Solid' but rather ethereal and distressed with lighter colours, either paint/blood splashes or an artistic take on the warning label for explosion.

Neon keeps the credit block small, and skinny, at the bottom, letting the contour-lines entice attention towards the face, which is in the uncanny valley between fear and ecstasy.  That is a hell of a promise.


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