Friday One Sheet: CAM And A Meltdown In Pink

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
Friday One Sheet: CAM And A Meltdown In Pink

This eye-catching pink hybrid of eroding paint and digital pixelation, exudes 'disturbed.' It feels like a modern take on the rich history of Polish poster designs. It is a surprising bit of key art to be released from Blumhouse pictures, who usually keep things conventional. (Albeit, Mondo's alternate poster for Get Out also riffed on the surrealist Polish style.)

Cam is a hypnagogic horror film in which the identity of a 'cam-girl,' in a live-sex chatroom, is stolen by some kind of digital doppelgänger (be it supernatural or software). The frighteneing scenario takes away her confidence, her livelihood, and possibly her sanity. The film is oft times murky and ambiguous, much like its poster.


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