Trailer for SHE DIES TOMORROW: Deadly Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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Trailer for SHE DIES TOMORROW: Deadly Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

It's been far too long since we've had a feature film from writer/director/actor Amy Seimetz; Sun Don't Shine was released in 2012, and its cautionary and creepy tale of a couple's sinister road trip through Florida made Seimetz a filmmaker to watch. While she has worked in television in the intervening years, it's great to see her back with her own work, with Neon to back her up.

She Dies Tomorrow reunites Seimetz with Kate Lyn Sheil as Amy, a woman who wakes up knowing that, the next day, she will die. And that certainty, it seems, is contagious, as she passes it to her friend Jane (Jane Adams), who is turn, seems to be passing it on to others. This self-fulfilling prophecy inevitably leads to growing madness.

It's great to see Seimetz getting weirder with her second picture, working with actors like Adams, Chris Messina, Josh Lucas, and others, in what looks like a strange and terrifying journey that will leave you scared to turn out the lights. The film is scheduled for release by Neon, at drive-ins in the USA on July 31st, and On Demandon August 7th. Check out the trailer below.

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