Friday One Sheet: PHASE FINALE

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Friday One Sheet: PHASE FINALE

A not-so-gentle downward stabbing motion. Consider the French key art to be the vertical complement to the 'horizontal motion' in the poster for American Indie Wendy.  

The motion blur of this woman spear fishing in a verdant woods and blackwater stream is eye catching. Her attire even moreso. It is not so much provocative, but more 'curiously out of place.'  Which I am guessing is what the film is going for.

Phase Finale takes place somewhere in Europe at the end of the Second World War, and tells the story of woman from a German camp who is chased by American soldiers, and takes refuge in a huge wild forest. Alone and injured, finding herself confronted with hostile nature, she will learn to survive; to fish, to hunt, to adapt. 

Widening out and hiding out the credit block at the bottom, and the production company at the top, with a dark mossy green colour, is a curious choice, but it cedes focus to the value proposition of the film, which it should.

Normally, French design house 120x160 is not my cup of tea, their posters are in most cases functionally 'middle of the road,' follow the trend to get the job done. It is lovely to see an exception here.


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