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Sometimes, typography makes the poster stand out. Consider the key art for The Ross Brothers' latest documentary, Gasoline Rainbow, featuring a black and white image of some kids on an automobile by the grassy shoulder of a long road. The contrast is so high between the white field and the black image, it is somewhat difficult to make even that out, beyond the horizon, and small figures; one is standing. 

But they are framed by a very large circle, which forms the "O" in rainbow. It is different than the narrower oval "O" in gasoline. The title is perpendicular to the image, and it does dominate everything here. Of course, it is in many colours, which given the title, is hard to resist. 

Now look at the pull quote nestled, almost Tetris-like, in the space in gasoline: dark black text on the white background. The directors' credit is more humbly below, but it is in stark white in a nearly a quarter of black space. The credit block, dates and distributor (shout-out to Mubi for supporting such unconventional filmmakers like The Ross Brothers) are at the bottom of the frame in white, while festival laurels balance things out. Sort of ... as this design is purposefully NOT going for symmetry. Here, the asymmetries are the thing.


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