Friday One Sheet: WENDY in Motion

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Friday One Sheet: WENDY in Motion

Proudly adhering to the photographic rule of thirds, this poster for Ben Zeitlin's take on the Peter Pan mythology was designed by Eclipse to, apparently, emphasize various strata of 'danger,' and the human energy sandwiched between the natural world.

There is the angry black and orange storm clouds, presumably at magic hour. Then the children jumping the gap on a moving train, the glory of youth in motion. Notably the children exist in the light between the ominous weather and the iron dragon. And then there is the bridge and the water below; a hazard on top of a hazard.

But it is the 'Lost Boys,' running at full tilt (reckless, even in miniature), pointing the way forward with a broken stick which makes this key art memorable and attention getting.

The title text evokes fireworks captured on film, a key aesthetic from Zeitlin's previous film, Beasts of the Southern Wild. And the main credit block is interesting obfuscated by the trees and water below, which for me, anyway is rather interesting choice, as most people do not look at 'the fine print' anyway.

The Sundance title may be getting mixed reviews, but the key art is a winner.


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