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Sweet, sweet pink and negative space.  Two things I do have a soft spot for in poster design.  

This key art for Drake Doremus's elliptical love-triangle drama, Endings, Beginnings, debuted prior to its commercial release, missing this column, last week, by a mere few hours, last week. Designer Desi Moore was also recently featured here for its' radically different colour palette (beige & skin tones) Vermeer inspired take for Never Rarely Sometimes Always. Both posters go for the 'Polaroid Matting' around standard credit block to highlight a careful framing of spartan imagery.

Cliche or not, here the boy-girl embrace is highlighted with pink and blue tinting. It gives the image a more eye-catching sizzle. Apparently, however, hair is shaded feminine for some reason that is made clearer in the film.

The couple is standing at the edge of the ocean on a beach, the clearest metaphor to reflect the title of the film. A beach is a threshold between worlds: Land and sea. It reminds me, curiously, of the ending of Jonathan Glazers Birth, another unconventional love-triangle movie, albeit the image here feels less apocalyptic here than it does there. Birth is a criminally under-appreciated masterpiece in design and execution, by the way. But I digress. 


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