Now Streaming: DANIEL ISN'T REAL, Somebody Is Going to Get Hurt

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Now Streaming: DANIEL ISN'T REAL, Somebody Is Going to Get Hurt

I am a believer now.

Daniel Isn't Real
Now streaming on Shudder.

Traumatized as a child after witnessing a horrific crime, young Luke starts interacting with a new imaginary friend named Daniel.

At first Daniel seems like a harmless coping mechanism meant to shield Luke from the memories of the bloody event that opens the film, but when Luke does something terrible at Daniel's behest, things get really dark, really quickly. Luke's mother, Claire (Mary Stuart Masterson), forces the boy to lock Daniel away in order to keep both of them safe, but as I'm sure you can imagine, that's not exactly the end of the story.

We rejoin a young adult Luke -- now played by Miles Robbins (Halloween, Blockers) -- who has moved out and into college twelve years later. When Claire, now tortured by mental illness, falls prey to her own inner demons, Miles once again has trouble coping, and Daniel (Patrick Schwarzenegger) escapes from his cage and comes to the rescue. However, this time around, Daniel has more sinister designs on the boy, and somebody is going to get hurt really badly.


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