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Ryan Spindell's horror anthology is a visual feast, and Clancy Brown is fantastic in it.

KNIVES AND SKIN: New Trailer Cuts to the Moody Bone

A teenager disappears and no one knows what happened, except that it must be a living nightmare. Jennifer Reeder's moody noir Knives and Skin might draw comparisons to other modern noirs, such as Blue Velvet or Brick, but it walks...

Gorgeous, Psychedelic COLOR OUT OF SPACE Trailer: Everything Is Not Going To Be OK

I hate to disagree with Nicolas Cage, but everything is not going to be OK in Color Out of Space. Billed as the return of visionary director Richard Stanley -- though he never left filmmaking, he has been absent from...

Review: FRANKIE, Gentle Yet Piercing Drama

Isabelle Huppert leads the ensemble cast. Ira Sachs directed.

Now Streaming: ELI, Who Is Forsaken

Charlie Shotwell, Kelly Reilly, Max Martini and Lili Taylor star in the horror drama; CiarĂ¡n Foy directed.

Review: HARRIET, If You Won't Let My People Go, I'll Free Them Myself

Cynthia Erivo stars as the spiritually-minded Harriet Tubman in the historical drama, directed by Kasi Lemmons.

Review: In REDOUBT, Artist Matthew Barney Continues His Modern Day Myth-Making

Undoubtedly a continuation of Matthew Barney's unique, modern-day myth-making process, the hypnotic images in 'Redoubt' have to be experienced on the big screen.

Austin 2019 Review: THE VICE GUIDE TO BIGFOOT, In Search of Post-Modern Laughs

Ben Emond co-wrote and stars in the paranormal comedy, directed by Zach Lamplugh.


Here are 3 genre movies opening in limited release this weekend in North America.

Now Streaming: BABYLON and SPECIAL 7 Make Politics Deadly

Also briefly noted: 'Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal,' man and T-Rex vs. the world; 'Seis Manos,' martial arts in retro Mexico. Plus trailers for all four series.

Review: GREENER GRASS, Wildly Imaginative Suburban Satire

Imagine what hell might be spawned if David Lynch and Martha Stewart had a baby that they then gave to John Waters to raise, and you might be somewhere in the neighborhood of the genius that is Dawn Luebbe &...

Fantastic Fest 2019 Review: THE WAVE Offers Thoughts and Thrills

Justin Long, Donald Faison and Sheila Vand star in a movie featuring a very bad drug trip; Gille Klabin directs.

WRINKLES THE CLOWN Plans to Unnerve the World

If you suffer from coulrophobia, read no further.

Review: THE MOUNTAIN, Rick Alverson's Precise, Stoic Vision of the World

Tye Sheridan, Hannah Gross, Udo Kier and Jeff Goldblum star in Rick Alverson's drama.

Exclusive SHE'S JUST A SHADOW Clip: Red, White, Blue, Bloody

In the USA, July 4 is known as Independence Day. As an alternative, She's Just a Shadow declares that it's Thursday. Bloody Thursday. With apologies to U2, and also to sincere people who will be blowing up stuff right good...

MIDNIGHT RUNNER Trailer: Global Digital Acquires Edgy Coming of Age Thriller

Global Digital Releasing has acquired worldwide rights to Midnight Runner, the edgy coming-of-age drama from writing/directing duo John Mathis and Jared Sprouse. The film centers around Ian (Ben Weinswig), a quiet loner who can't seem to escape his mysterious and...

Review: GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, The Biggest Monster Bash of the Year

Michael Dougherty directs the latest installment of the original kaiju franchise.

Notes on Streaming: ULTRAMAN and TWILIGHT ZONE Return

Plus: Teasing Korean 'Persona.'

Review: In THE WIND, Demons and Loneliness Terrify

Caitlin Gerard stars in Emma Tammi's feature directorial debut.

Review: US, Jordan Peele's New Horror Film Creeps And Entertains at The Highest Level

Adelaide Wilson and her family are going to the summer house for a weekend of sun in Santa Cruz. Unfortunately the trip does not come without some emotional baggage. When Adelaide was just a girl she experienced a traumatic incident...