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UNION BRIDGE Trailer Offers Southern Gothic Twist on Old Secrets

The mood builds slowly but steadily in the first trailer for Union Bridge, self-described as a "southern gothic thriller." Written and directed by Brian Levin in his feature debut, Union Bridge appears to stoke its fires slowly. Its hero, Will...

INTRIGO: DEAR AGNES Trailer Dives Into Marital Malice and Murder

Gemma Chan, Carla Juri, and Jamie Sives star in the mystery thriller, directed by Daniel Alfredson.

WALKAWAY JOE Trailer: Keep Your Eye on David Strathairn

David Strathairn instantly makes anything in which he appears more interesting, merely by his always dramatic presence. His appears in Walkaway Joe, about halfway through a new trailer, and elevates what looks like a somewhat rudimentary father/son drama. Jeffrey Dean...

Now on VOD: THE OTHER LAMB, Cut Off From Modern Society

Michiel Huisman, Raffey Cassidy, and Denise Gough star in director Malgorzata Szumowska's thrilling horror drama.

Now on VOD: NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS, More Than an Abortion Drama

Sidney Flanigan and Talia Ryder search for medical help in director Eliza Hittman's piercing film.

Exclusive Trailer Premiere: VAMPIRE DAD, Retro Horror Comedy

The doctor is in, and he's working from home. Good news: it's not because of the pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe! In the upcoming retro-styled horror-comedy Vampire Dad, psychologist Dr. Raymond Walenski (Jackson Hurst, from Drop Dead Diva...

Indie Martial Arts Comedy KUNG FU GHOST Soldiers On

Sparks of joy on the indie-film front are always welcome.

TIGERTAIL Trailer: Crossing the Years to Make a Connection

The past resides inside each one of us and points the way to our future. Sometimes, though, it forces its way into our present. In the first trailer for Tigertail, from writer/director Alan Yang (Master of None), we see golden...

Now Streaming: DANIEL ISN'T REAL, Somebody Is Going to Get Hurt

Adam Egypt Mortimer directs Miles Robbins and his imaginary friend Patrick Schwarzenegger in this cosmic horror, now on Shudder.

Now Streaming: SOME KIND OF HATE, Supernatural Slasher Delivers Bloody Justice

Ronen Rubinstein and Grace Phipps star in Adam Egypt Mortimer's debut feature from 2015, new on Shudder.

Review: INSIDE THE RAIN, Comic Romance Flies on a Wry Course of Self-Discovery

Aaron Fisher writes, directs and stars in a gentle indie love story, with Ellen Toland, Rosie Perez and Eric Roberts.

Review: SWALLOW, Beautiful Style, Uncomfortable Subjects

We are introduced to young housewife, Hunter, in a pastel Christian Dior outfit.   Surveying the picturesque Hudson River in Upstate New York, from the raised terrace of her expensive home, she is the kept woman of a wealthy family...

Review: GO BACK TO CHINA, Clearly Personal, Heartfelt, and Finely Crafted

Poor Sasha Li can’t catch a break. That may be an odd thing to say about a young woman who’s being kept financially afloat by a million dollar trust fund given to her by her father, which she’s already blown half of by her early 20’s. But...

Exclusive I HATE THE MAN IN MY BASEMENT Trailer Debut

To be clear, this post is about I Hate the Man in My Basement, a film written and directed by Dustin Cook. It is *not* a confession on my part. What I will admit: I do not have a basement....

Now Streaming: EMPATHY INC., The Horror of Fellow Feeling in VR

Zack Robidas, Kathy Searle, Jay Klaitz and Eric Berryman star in Yediya Gorsetman's tale of VR gone wrong.

Exclusive COME AS YOU ARE Clip: Let Me Tell You About Canada

Three people show their true colors in our exclusive clip from Come As You Are. Described by our own J Hurtado as "a charming, poignant, affectionate take on the road trip movie" (quote from his positive review), the film follows...

Review: IMPOSSIBLE MONSTERS, Dreams Bleed Into Reality

Santino Fontana, Natalie Knepp, Devika Bhise, and Donall O Healai star in a psychological thriller, written and directed by Nathan Catucci.

Review: COME AS YOU ARE, A Surprising Underdog Love Story

Grant Rosenmeyer, Hayden Szeto, Ravi Patel and Gabourey Sidibe star in Richard Wong's comedy-drama.

Sundance 2020 Review: THE ASSISTANT Delivers a Master Class in Corporate Complicity

Julia Garner stars in writer-director Kitty Green's ominous, chilling drama.

Review: THE LODGE, Chilly Scenes of Horror

'Goodnight Mommy' filmmakers Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala return with a chilling sophomore feature; Riley Keough stars.