Pretty Packaging: PIGTAILS Packs A Punch

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Shorts. What to do with them? Many of them are magnificent, yet the current market hasn't figured out how to make them commercial blockbusters yet. You get to see great ones at each festival, but good luck finding them afterwards, unless someone leaks them on the internet.

Thankfully, sometimes a distributor will put several on a disc and commercially sell it. And that is exactly what the Glasgow-based Anime Limited has now done: the company has released a pretty damn great compilation of animated shorts made at the legendary Production I.G. studio. And the good news is: all of them are great. Rest assured a full review of this set will follow in a few days, but for this article I will suffice with a summation. The shorts included in the set are:

Pigtails (2015, Yoshimi Itazu)
Kick-Heart (2013, Masaaki Yuasa)
Li'l Spider Girl (2012, Toshihisa Kaiya)
Drawer Hobs (2011, Kazuchika Kise)
Oval x Over (2005, Hiroyuki Imaishi)

But the purpose of this article is to show off its packaging, which is very nice indeed. The shorts come on DVD and Blu-ray, and are accompanied by two great books.
Here are some shots of the set. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of each to see a bigger version.

And here it is: a thick cardboard box, modestly decorated.

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