Upcoming Blu-ray Releases: Two More Kitano Classics By Third Window Films

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Earlier this year, UK- distributor Third Window Films released three films by writer/actor/director Kitano Takeshi, and these turned out to be pretty awesome. For starters, each of these had distinctive yet aligned new cover art.

Well, if you were a fan of these releases, continue to rejoice. Third Window Films has announced similar editions for two more films by Kitano: in September we'll get 1991's A Scene at the Sea, followed in October by 1996' Kids Return.

There's no news yet about extras, but what we do know is that these releases will feature the same distinctive artwork-style as the previous three (seen here) did. So here is a small gallery of those two covers.

Both titles can currently be pre-ordered already.

First (or fourth, rather), on the 12th of September we get A Scene at the Sea.
The synopsis from Third Window Films' website says the following:

A deaf garbage collector happens upon a broken and discarded surfboard. The discovery plants in him dreams of becoming a surf champion. Encouraged by his also deaf girlfriend, he persists against all odds. Though trapped in silence, their expression of love is no less profound. A heartrending masterpiece that, as with Kitano's other films (Sonatine), (Fireworks), has a sharp eye for human frailties and a love for the courage of the underdog.

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