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Dave Canfield here. Some of you may remember me as big bald dave from themovieblog.com others from my own web site Imagine 'Dat! others from meeting me at the Cornerstone Festival Imaginarium, still others from my stint as the fifth member of Spinal Tap (COWBELL BABY- ALL COWBELL ALL THE TIME!!!) I'll be one of the regular folk chiming in on all things geekola and love to hear it if you think i'm fulla beans.

To understand where I'm coming from on most of my posts I encourage you to visit my intro at Imagine 'Dat! where I go a little further into just why a grown man does this instead of working for a living.

My turn ons are ideas, horror movies, Sideshow Toys, and vintage TV animation. My turn offs are political extremes, rant instead of dialogue and tuna.

More soon to come....

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