Exclusive: Third Window Announces The Rest Of Their 2016 Lineup - Sono, Kitano, Toyoda And More

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Our friends at Third WIndow Films have given us the opportunity to exclusively announce the remainder of their planned 2016 releases. Through this point in the year Third Window has put out classics from Kitano Takeshi along with the wonderful Uzumasa Limelight on Blu-ray. The rest of the year looks extremely strong as well, with releases from directors Sono Sion, Toyoda Toshiaki, and more Kitano Takeshi alongside some fresh faces. Scroll through the gallery below for more details in roughly chronological order.

First up and due out in a few weeks is Sono Sion's musical Love & Peace, which has been burning up the festival circuit for the better part of a year. TWF calls it "the film Sion Sono has been trying to make for 25 years now, his kaijyu musical fantasy LOVE AND PEACE which we have out on DVD & BLURAY next month, July 11th!!"

For shy and awkward Ryoichi, dreams of musical superstardom have long since faded and he’s resigned himself to a lifetime of unrewarding office work for a company that barely acknowledges his existence. But when he randomly buys a pet turtle named Pikadon, a series of events are put into place that not only give Ryoichi the chance to fulfil his rock and roll fantasies, they might just bring about the end of the world. With more imagination in the first ten minutes than most films can boast in their entire running time, Love and Peace is pure Sono: a bonkers and uproarious one-of-a-kind that simply has to be seen to be believed.
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