JESSICA JONES Teaser Doesn't Tease Very Much

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JESSICA JONES Teaser Doesn't Tease Very Much
For their second Marvel adaptation, Jessica Jones, Netflix has unveiled a first teaser that doesn't reveal much at all, which is a surprising strategy to take with a character who is far less familiar than Daredevil

When Netflix teased Daredevil, it featured snippets of footage that truly intrigued, and suggested that the series would establish a much darker tone than the woeful movie version did years ago. And when the series premiered two months later, it delivered, fully, and then some. Jessica Jones offers a blank slate for many viewers, definitely including myself, but also a great opportunity to showcase a female superhero. 

The teaser, which you can watch below, wants to establish the show as a moody drama, similar in vein to Daredevil, but doesn't offer any footage to back that up. The optimist in me hopes that Krysten Ritter, a very versatile actress, will do a great job in the lead role, supported by the likes of David Tennant and Rachael Taylor, who's done some very good things in their respective careers. The pessimist in me says, 'Ooh, why no footage this close to the premiere date?' We shall see.

For comparison's sake, I've include the first Daredevil teaser below as well. Jessica Jones will debut all 13 episodes of its first season on November 20, only on Netflix.
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