Third Window Films UK Announces Stellar 2015 Slate: Tsukamoto, Nakashima, Kitano, And More

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Our good friends, and friends of all fans of east Asian films, Third Window Films have given ScreenAnarchy an exclusive early look at their 2015 slate and it is marvelous!

Third Window Films has a history of bringing not only the finest contemporary Japanese and Korean films (along with a few choice cuts from Hong Kong), they are also the foremost Western distributor rescuing films from Japan's recent past and restoring them in HD. Over the last four years, Third Window has moved from exclusively distributing and releasing already produced Japanese films into the world of production themselves with Sono Sion's The Land of Hope, and 2015 brings the UK home video release of their second co-production, Fuku-chan of Fukufuku Flats. Along with that film, Third Window is also on the verge of releasing Greatful Dead by Uchida Eiji, and after that it only gets better.

In addition to these known titles, Third Window is preparing an insane slate of new releases as well as world-exclusive English subtitled Japanese classics from the '90s. Take a stroll through our gallery and see what exatly they have in store!

James Marsh, Pierce Conran, Christopher O'Keeffe and Patryk Czekaj contributed to this story.

First up on January 26th is the Blu-ray of Uchida Eiji's Greatful Dead (グレイトフルデッド), about which James Marsh said:

The combination of Uchida's slick no-nonsense direction, layered, socially-aware yet genre-literate script and Takiuchi's excellent central performance, result in a smart package that should finally see Uchida recognised outside his own country and encourage the exploration of his back catalogue by a wider audience. If nothing else, Greatful Dead will certainly guarantee that whatever its director and female lead turn their hand to next, it will be enthusiastically followed by their newfound overseas fanbase. Dark, bloody, unflinchingly brutal, yet also laugh-out-loud funny, genuinely touching and with a profound social conscience, Greatful Dead is the real deal.

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