Check Out The Trailer For Festival Favorite HAN GONG-JU

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Check Out The Trailer For Festival Favorite HAN GONG-JU
Since its premiere at Busan International Film Festival last year, Han Gong-ju has been attracting a lot of critical attention. It's been awarded with many prizes both in its native South Korea (Busan) and abroad (Marrakech, Rotterdam). After an enormously successful run in the international film circuit, Lee Su-jin's directorial debut unexpectedly became one of the most anticipated pictures of 2014, despite the fact that it's official release date hasn't been announced yet.

17-year-old Han Gong-Ju is banished from her community after an incident in the small Korean village where she grew up and sent to school elsewhere. She slowly tries to build a new life and makes new friends, but never seems to manage to shake off the mysterious event that colours her past.

Without revealing too much, our own Pierce Conran wrote in his review: "Though beautiful and often sweet, Lee's film was a deeply unsettling experience that frequently had me in tears. When the secret is revealed, bit by bit, the impact is immense but even more troubling is how people in the film react to her predicament."

The first 40-second teaser that surfaced a few months ago wasn't much of an attention grabber. The newly released 1-minute trailer offers glimpse into the devastating story, while still maintaining an alluring atmosphere of mystery. And it has English subtitles too! Be sure to watch it below.
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