Whimsical Dark Romantic Comedy LIZA THE FOX FAIRY Releases A Fabulous New Trailer

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Whimsical Dark Romantic Comedy LIZA THE FOX FAIRY Releases A Fabulous New Trailer
It's been a long and winding road for Hungarian fantasy / romance / comedy Liza The Fox Fairy but, wow, does it ever look as though it's been worth the wait. It's been years since we first heard of this one and in the ensuing time they've had to weather financial crises in Hungary, a massive reorganization of the industry there, and a lengthy post production process but things are finally all in place and a domestic release is coming soon, which means the first proper theatrical trailer has arrived to show the film off in all its glory.

And this one looks as though it could be pretty glorious, indeed, in a very unlikely and whimsical sort of way. With a story that fuses elements of Japanese folklore into a version of Hungary that obviously owes a bit to Jean Pierre Jeunet to create a darkly comic fantasy romance, the only recent comparable I can come up with at all is 2008 Serbian effort Tears For Sale.

Fox-Fairies are evil demons according to Japanese tales that rob the souls of men. Liza, the 35-year-old naive nurse, who wants to find the love of her life in Budapest, thinks she is one of them, since all men attracted to her die on the first date. Can Liza find a man who can survive her?
Hopefully the finished film lives up to the trailer and we can see this one on the festival circuit soon. Take a look below.

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