New To Netflix: Ken Burns, Nuclear Power, Gina Carano and ROLLING THUNDER

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
This week's entry of New To Netflix has documentaries and a healthy does of violence, both of which come together for the Oscar nominated feature, The Act of Killing. In many markets there is a compelling re-evaluation of nuclear power as the best case for our energy hungry planet. A number of Ken Burns' classics, dozens of hours of great documentary filmmaking, pop up in Canada.  Gina Carano can be seen punching and kicking her way through an A-list of male co-stars.  Major Charles Rane can be found in despair after the Vietnam War, and Captain John Carter finds himself a superhero after the Civil War.  Onwards.


Joshua Oppenheimer's lengthy, confounding, disturbing, banal and ultimately excellent documentary on Indonesia's masters of genocide deserves all the plaudits and awards. It turns documentary filmmaking on its ear, mixing history and aftermath and just how damn unfair the world can be. But that ending. Oh, boy, that ending!

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