SERPICO, WINGS And WHITE DOG Headline Masters Of Cinema 2014 Q1 Slate

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SERPICO, WINGS And WHITE DOG Headline Masters Of Cinema 2014 Q1 Slate
It is always an exciting day when Eureka Entertainment announces their upcoming titles for its Masters of Cinema series, and with today's announcement, they might have just outdone themselves. Sidney Lumet's seminal police thriller, Serpico, starring a top-of-his-game Al Pacino leads the pack, followed by William A. Wellman's silent classic Wings, Ted Kotcheff's brilliantly bizarre Australian outback nightmare, Wake In Fright and Sam Fuller's racially charged White Dog. We will also see Andrew Bujalski's delightfully eccentric Computer Chess released on the label, as well as Francesco Rosi's Hands Over The City, which arrives alongside Federico Fellini's love letter to his home city, Roma

As a little cherry on the top of their already gloriously glazed announcement, Eureka annouced that they will be releasing Robert Altman's ensemble epic, Nashville, in May 2014.

Exact details of the dates and supplements for each release will be released nearer the time, but for more information here is the announcement in full:

With a slate of titles that ranges from the most recent and 1980s American cinema (and, separately, the emergent Australian independent cinema), through to masterworks of the Italian cinema, and on to silent, and 1970s Hollywood, The Masters of Cinema Series runs the cinephile gamut once again with a seven-film January-March line-up that includes works by Federico Fellini, Samuel Fuller, Sidney Lumet, Francesco Rosi, William A. Wellman, Ted Kotcheff, and Andrew Bujalski. As if that weren't enough, Eureka Entertainment are also proud to announce an early summer release for one of Robert Altman's most revered films.
Producer of the Masters of Cinema Series, Craig Keller stated "In January, we welcome Andrew Bujalski into the Series for the first time with his smash indie-success Computer Chess (Original Theatrical Trailer  that is currently enjoying a theatrical run across the UK following its British première at the London Film Festival. Alongside Computer Chess, William A. Wellman's Wings - the winner of the first ever Academy Award for Best Picture (1927-1928) will see its UK home-release premiere. Both titles will be released as Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD) editions.
In February, we'll be releasing for the first time in the UK, a special edition Blu-ray and Ltd Edition Blu-ray SteelBook of Sidney Lumet's classic police drama starring Al Pacino -- Serpico (Original Theatrical Trailer ) Secondly, we'll be releasing a Blu-ray edition of Federico Fellini's 1972 epic colour spectacle, a love-letter to the past and present of the city he loved best: Roma (Original Theatrical Trailer .
Another Italian classic arrives in March in a Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD) release: Francesco Rosi's gripping political procedural, Le mani sulla città [Hands Over the City]. March also finds us two of the most brutally unsparing and controversial independent works of the last forty years. The first is the long-awaited (and uncut) release of Ted Kotcheff's disturbing and subversive Wake in Fright, hailed by Nick Cave as "the best and most terrifying film about Australia in existence," and which Martin Scorsese has stated to have rendered him "speechless" -- released in its brilliant 2009 restoration. The second is Samuel Fuller's feverish White Dog, unavailable in the UK for decades, whose premise -- a stray white dog turns out to have been conditioned to attack any black person on sight -- was woefully misconstrued at the time of its 1982 release; it remains one of Fuller's most passionate anti-racist statements. Both of these works will also be released in Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD) editions."
Managing Director of Eureka Entertainment, Ron Benson added "The finest in world cinema abounds across these seven releases, supplemented as always with a spate of special features and extras, all presented with a meticulous attention to detail and design. The same ethos applies to a film we'll be releasing in May, and for which we're thrilled to be able to provide an early sneak-announcement: Robert Altman's epic 1970s ensemble classic, Nashville (Original Theatrical Trailer ), released for the first time on UK home video, in a Dual Format (Blu-ray + DVD) edition."

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