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Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park turned 20 on June 11, 2013. To commemorate the 20th anniversary, it was converted to 3D and released theatrically in the US back in April. Jurassic Park 3D finally opens in Mexico on August 23. Jason Gorber recommends enjoying it while we can: 

"From the Raptor/Kitchen scene through to the Gallimimus "flocking" towards our heroes, there's lots of gee-whiz moments that pop from the screen. For much of it, however, it's a genuine opening of the space. The process integrates the different planes well, it's not often that you get that sense of different card assembled in space. There's some ghosting present, but some of that may be accounted for by the close proximity I had to the screen, a result of a more acute angle of reflection. 

The image looks rock solid, the colours vibrant even with the wearing of glasses, and the digital "print" even more conducive to allow the integration between digital creature and on-set plate photography to mesh. 

Like Top Gun before it, the 3D provides the definitive version of classic film. Jurassic Park has been transformed with with artistry, nuance and sophistication, and it's an absolute must-see during this brief run." 

The other big release of the week in Mexico is James Wan's latest The Conjuring. Eric D. Snider said in his ScreenAnarchy review that this horror film works: 

"It will not shock you to learn that something terrible happened in this house years ago. In fact, very few of the details, either in plot or atmosphere, will shock anyone who's seen a horror movie set in a menacing house before. The filmmakers throw everything at the screen: ghosts, demons, possession, scary dolls, eerie music boxes, stopped clocks, dark basements, secret rooms, creepy kids, weird animal behavior, and so on. 

But guess what? It works. No one will accuse The Conjuring of being overly original, but it doesn't feel derivative, either, any more than a chef is derivative for using ingredients you've eaten before. It's the way the ingredients are used that matters, and Wan knows what he's doing, avoiding (for the most part) cheap jump-scares and other gimmicks in favor of escalating tension that periodically erupts into good old-fashioned terror. We could do without the red herrings connected to the Warrens' own family life -- the story's one narrative misstep -- but they don't detract much, and they do help flesh out the loving couple as sympathetic characters who earnestly believe in their work." 

Jurassic Park 3D and The Conjuring open in Mexico on Friday, August 23. Watch below both trailers with Spanish subtitles!
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