ANNABELLE: The Doll From THE CONJURING Breaks Out In First Trailer

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ANNABELLE: The Doll From THE CONJURING Breaks Out In First Trailer
Stuck in the basement under lock and key for much of 2013's The Conjuring, the demonic doll known as Annabelle breaks out in her own spin-off movie later this year. And now the first official trailer has been unleashed. 

As Eric D. Snider explained in his review of The Conjuring, directed by James Wan: 

"Very few of the details, either in plot or atmosphere, will shock anyone who's seen a horror movie set in a menacing house before. The filmmakers throw everything at the screen: ghosts, demons, possession, scary dolls, eerie music boxes, stopped clocks, dark basements, secret rooms, creepy kids, weird animal behavior, and so on.

But guess what? It works. No one will accuse The Conjuring of being overly original, but it doesn't feel derivative, either, any more than a chef is derivative for using ingredients you've eaten before. It's the way the ingredients are used that matters, and Wan knows what he's doing, avoiding (for the most part) cheap jump-scares and other gimmicks in favor of escalating tension that periodically erupts into good old-fashioned terror."

Will Annabelle follow a similar path to achieve its horror thrills? Veteran cinematographer John Leonetti directed; his past feature credits include Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and The Butterfly Effect 2

As a teaser, the trailer looks good, suggesting a very grim scenario before a touch of the supernatural is introduced. The coincidentally-named Annabelle Wallis stars, along with Alfre Woodard. Annabelle is scheduled for release on October 3.
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