Indie Beat: Ben's Favorite Indies Of 2013 (Thus Far)

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As I was compiling this list, an alternate subtitle that came to mind was "Indies On Parade". I'm still not sure if that means anything, but I like the energy behind it and hope that crackle transfers over to this list in full. What you'll find here are a near dozen independent films that I've taken a strong liking to over the course of 2013 thus far. There are no real hard and fast rules to this list other than the definition of 'indie film' to me means no wide released films (duh), with budgets not jumping over a few million, and preferably staying under a million. In this list-making, styles, genres, spoken languages are inconsequential. Some of the films featured have had releases in certain parts of the globe, other films are forthcoming (which I note), while others are still on the fest circuit.

So, read on, enjoy, and by all means share your own favorites with us in the comments below. Oh, and if you feel I left off any titles, lets discuss as I know there are a few grand omissions (Upstream Color I am looking at you).  


The second installment of this column (all the way back in May) was a veritable love letter to Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke and the three fabulous films they have made together over the last 18 years.

So, yeah, it's very hard not to sound like some kind of fan boy when talking about Before Midnight as it was just one of those films I was predestined to love on so many levels. Like its predecessors, it is frank and funny in how it addresses relationships. I love spending time with Celine and Jesse more than any other movie characters out there. In large measure that's because I relate to them so closely, which is very comforting.

A highlight in a film that is shining with them, is also a first in the series: I am talking about the scene where we get to have Celine and Jessie sit and interact with a large table of people from multi-generations. It's energizing, life-affirming stuff.

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