New To Netflix: Museums, Criminals, Calvin and Hobbs

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
In this week's edition, we travel from Austria to Thailand, visit our old comic strip childhood friends, wallow in a steampunk future and a euro-hopping heist fantasy. With so many places to visit, let us get right to it, shall we?


Jem Cohen's surprise arthouse success of last year ruminates on what is art and how do we as a society interpret it across many years. Part docu-lecture, part romantic fiction, it has, at its center, a compelling autumn-autumn relationship between a Montreal woman (arrived to Vienna to comfort her dying sister) and a security guard at the cities Kunsthistorisches Museum who helps her around and about town.

Quiet and restrained, Museum Hours nevertheless has a near endless capacity to surprise. It serves up a rich ode to the human experience (grief, loneliness, joy, comfort) and is perhaps the best introductory course to Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

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