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Venice 2023 Review: FOREVER-FOREVER, Post-Soviet Young and Restless

Anna Buryachkova's feature debut offers a female-centric lens on post-communist adolescence in Eastern Europe.

Venice 2023 Review: FOR NIGHT WILL COME, Gen Z Response to TWILIGHT

Élodie Bouchez and Mathias Legout Hammond star in the latest film by French director Céline Rouzet, a vampiric coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of a seemingly peaceful French suburb.

Venice 2021 Review: REFLECTION, Resonant, Formalist Look at Russo-Ukrainian War

Akin to the works of Swedish master Roy Andersson, sans humor, combined with the gravitas and emotional punch of Andrey Zvyagintsev, the film is sort of a companion piece to 'Atlantis,' featuring truly impactful and impressive filmmaking.

Venice 2018 Review: Alfonso Cuarón's ROMA

In one of the scenes with narration of Y tu mamá también, where the voice of Daniel Giménez Cacho gave a greater context to the actions of the protagonists and occasionally also of the social and political environment around them,...

Venice 2018 Review: THE NIGHTINGALE Sings Out In Dark Rage

With her sophomore effort, filmmaker Jennifer Kent has tapped into something much, much darker.

Venice 2018 Review: ISIS, TOMORROW: THE LOST SOULS OF MOSUL, a Haunting New Angle

Playing out of competition at the 75th Venice Biennale, Fancesca Mannocchi and Alessio Romenzi's ISIS, Tomorrow: The Lost Souls of Mosul definitely stands out as a documentary that is boldly flying the flag for a major social crisis taking place...

Venice 2018 Review: THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS, The Coens Misfire In New Netflix Western

As a single collection of stories, Joel and Ethan Coen's latest film just really doesn't come off.

Venice 2018 Review: FIRST MAN, Chazelle and Gosling Reunite For One Hell of a Space Force

Now onto his third excellent feature in a row, filmmaker Damien Chazelle seems to be on a roll that knows no bounds.