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Review: THE ROOM, The Place Where Something Strange Happens

Olga Kurylenko and Kevin Janssens star in a thriller from director Christian Volckman ('Renaissance'), now available on VOD, Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray.

Now Streaming: THE ROOM, Where Dreams Become Nightmares

Olga Kurylenko and Kevin Janssens star in a new thriller from director Christian Volckman ('Renaissance') on Shudder.

Karlovy Vary 2019 Review: PATRICK, A Nudist Procedural Tragicomedy About Grief and Identity

Clothes do not make a man in Tim Mielants' procedural coming-of-grief dramedy.

Review: REVENGE Fearlessly Subverts the Subgenre

There is one inviolable rule of the rape-revenge genre: the revenge must be complete. Other than that, all bets are off. French director Coralie Fargeat takes this to heart in her feature debut, Revenge, and she does not disappoint her...

Shudder: FOUND FOOTAGE 3D and SEOUL STATION Ready to Spook in October

As we near the most, wonderful time of the year - Halloween - we look to our streaming services to fulfill our desires for chills, thrills and outright scares. Look no further that AMC Networks’ Shudder, whose sole purpose is...

THE ARDENNES: Watch The Trailer For Robin Pront's Striking Debut

[Updated with English subtitled version.] Though it arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival with little fanfare, Belgian director Robin Pront's striking debut feature The Ardennes left as a major favorite for many of those lucky enough to catch it...

Toronto 2015 Review: Broken Loyalties Breed Betrayal And Violence In THE ARDENNES

A man crashes into water and hauls himself to the side, heavy breathing puffing through his nylon mask as he throws himself into the waiting car. "Just drive," he wheezes to the waiting driving. "There was nothing I could do."...

Toronto 2015: Watch The First Two Minutes Of Robin Pront's Debut THE ARDENNES

Robin Pront's debut feature film The Ardennes is all set to have its world premiere here in Toronto Monday night as part of the Discovery program at TIFF. ScreenAnarchy has an exclusive clip of the first two minutes from his film...