International Interviews

STOPMOTION Interview: Director Robert Morgan on His First Feature, Jan Švankmajer, Sleeping 24 Hours

Robert Morgan is entering his fourth decade as a filmmaker and stop motion animator. In that time, he’s made some fantastically disturbing and multi-award-winning short films, most of them stop motion, and some live action. As someone who loves horror...

Rotterdam 2024 Interview: Per Fly And Mikael Persbrandt Talk About HAMMARSKJÖLD

Danish director Per Fly's new film Hammarskjöld - Fight for Peace is getting rave reviews from around the world. At the International Film Festival Rotterdam it scored a terrific audience rating of 4.6 out of 5, with the biopic landing...

GREEN BORDER: Agnieszka Holland Talks Controversy, Oscar Submission Snub, Guerrilla Filming

Agnieszka Holland's drama has sparked significant public and political discourse in Poland.

ROBOT DREAMS: Pablo Berger Talks Nostalgia in Animated Love Letter to New York

'Robot Dreams' director Pablo Berger goes behind-the-scenes on his nostalgic bromance movie.

European Film Awards 2023 Interview: Béla Tarr on Opera and Long-Form Filmmaking

Screen Anarchy spoke with the legendary Hungarian director in light of his upcoming receipt of the Honorary Award at the 36th European Film Awards.

FALLING STARS Interview: Richard Karpala and Gabriel Bienczycki on Indie U.S. Filmmaking

The tandem of filmmakers behind the film discuss the American-European connection for the story, shooting a micro-budget film in the U.S., and the state of indie filmmaking.

TRIGGERED (TOPAKK) Interview: Richard V. Somes on Filipino Action Cinema and PTSD

Filipino director Richard V. Somes talks 70s American horror, 80s American action cinema, and the social dimension in genre filmmaking.

SATAN WANTS YOU Interview: Sean Horlor and Steve J. Adams Talk Moral Panics

Moral panics have been with us as a species since time immemorial. From the persecution of European pagans at the end of the Roman empire in the Fourth Century, to the Salem witch trials in New England in the 17th...

AFIRE Interview: Paula Beer on Director Christian Petzold, His Methods, and Why It Was Fun to Play Her Character

"I understood his wish for taking all the drama of the world away and trying to introduce this light ambience to the world. But of course it's Christian, so I knew it would dig into a deeper level, not some random light story."

Cannes 2023 Roundtable Interview: Amat Escalante Talks LOST IN THE NIGHT

Amat Escalante returned to the Croisette, exactly 10 years after the premiere of Heli, for which he won the Best Director award at this prestigious festival. With Lost in the Night (aka Perdidos en la noche), Escalante continues to address...

SMOKING CAUSES COUGHING Interview: Quentin Dupieux Reveals How He Comes Up With Crazy and Funny Ideas

Quentin Dupieux made his statement of principles with the opening monologue in Rubber, his notorious self-aware movie starring a tire that comes to life and then uses its telekinetic powers to kill animals and humans. Paraphrasing said speech, for Dupieux...

LA CIVIL Interview: Teodora Ana Mihai on Dramatizing a Mother's Living Nightmare

Arcelia Ramírez stars in director Teodora Ana Miha's dramatization of a true story about a mother's living nightmare, caught up in the midst of the horrific Mexican drug war.

CALVAIRE Interview: Fabrice Du Welz Revisits His Remastered Nightmare

Director Fabrice Du Welz's horror nightmare, newly remastered, is now in theaters, ahead of its VOD release.

PACIFICTION Interview: Director Albert Serra Talks Creating Fascinating Images

"I put myself in the position that I don't have anything to say. I am here to create the most fascinating images possible."

ONE FINE MORNING Interview: Mia Hansen-Løve Says Filmmaking Saved Her Life

"That's why I say sometimes that cinema saved my life. Because cinema brought me back to the present. It made me enjoy the moments. It made me feel more rooted, thanks to the intensity of making films."

Interview: HOLD ME TIGHT Director Mathieu Amalric on Vicky Krieps and His Cinema of Gesture

"Cinema can amplify those parallel lives. In fact, we deal with it each moment in our lives - we either accept or we are scared of them."

Interview: MURINA Director Antonela Alamat Kusijanović on Her Complex Character Piece

Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović’s debut feature, Murina, is set on a Croatian island, where the adolescent protagonist Julija (Gracija Filipovic) usually fishes underwater with her father Ante (Leon Lucev). The fact that Julija usually observes the young people who have fun...

Interview: FLUX GOURMET Director Peter Strickland Talks Noise-Bands, Gastrointestinal Distress, Ego, Witchcraft, Hats

“I do wonder sometimes if you are perpetuating an archetype of epicurean toxicity with all this culinary hysteria.” That arch line of dialogue can, and perhaps should, act as a litmus test on where you might, or might not, find...

Interview: NEPTUNE FROST, Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman on Their Afrofuturist Musical

Neptune Frost, an Afrofuturist musical directed by multidisciplinary American artist Saul Williams and Rwandan visual artist Anisia Uzeyman, is a stunning film that defies conventions in both content and form. When I saw it in a packed theater at the...

VORTEX Interview: Gaspar Noé on Making a "Cruel But Warm" Film About Aging, Illness and Death

If conception and birth are always present themes in Gaspar Noé's cinema, death is equally important for him: “When you write your sentence, you always put a dot at the end. Talking about death is just putting a dot at...