Friday One Sheet: THE SUBSTANCE

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Friday One Sheet: THE SUBSTANCE

This buzzy body horror picture out of Cannes, is the sophomore feature from Coralie Fargeat, whose blood-splattered Revenge was a hit on the festival circuit in 2017. The Substance had a much more disturbing and visceral bit of key art, one that seems to have disappeared from the internet. Suffice to say it was only half the girl, vertically, in the teaser poster you see below. 

Nonetheless, or at least for now, I do admire the purity of this red-gradient teaser. The designer (unknown) simply lifted a signature image from the film, and "magic-wanded" it in here, with a clean, slightly pink type-setting and called it a day. However the image is strong enough on its own:  a youthful body stitched together with very, very coarse thread, while laying in a restful spa pose.

As this film leaves the insular southern France festival environment, and out into the theatrical or streaming world, I expect more superlative bits of key art to come out. 

The original media asset/still, for reference:TheSubstance_Still_01-thumb-860.jpeg

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