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Friday One Sheet: THE SUBSTANCE

This buzzy body horror picture out of Cannes, is the sophomore feature from Coralie Fargeat, whose blood-splattered Revenge was a hit on the festival circuit in 2017. The Substance had a much more disturbing and visceral bit of key art, one that seems to...

GASOLINE RAINBOW Review: Ode to Childhood and Kindness of Strangers

They say drunk people, children and fools always speak the truth. No word is truer than that of a drunk foolish kid, as Gasoline Rainbow proves. The docu-drama hybrid is a warm-hearted look at five naive teens going on a...

Review: THE CATHEDRAL, Keen Observation of an American Family

Ricky D'Ambrose, a micro-budget indie filmmaker whose initial series of shorts gained acclaim on the international festival circuit -- including Berlinale and New Directors/New Films -- made his feature-length film debut with Notes on an Appearance in 2017. The Cathedral,...

Now Streaming: Short Films By Andrea Arnold

Get to know filmmaker Andrea Arnold through three short films streaming on Mubi.

Review: GREAT FREEDOM, Franz Rogowski Stands Tall in Prison Drama

Directed by Sebastian Meise, the film beautifully illustrates the genuine human connection, while examining the injustices done to generations of people who were persecuted just for being who they are.


Also out today, in addition to our usual fare, 'The Wishing Tree' and 'India Sweets and Spices.'

Review: WHAT DO WE SEE WHEN WE LOOK AT THE SKY? Tells a Modern Day Fairytale About the Power of Cinema

Directed by Aleksandre Koberidze, the film from Georgia is gentle, joyous, and beguiling, floating like a calm river.