Pretty Packaging: GHOST IN THE SHELL Lands An Ultimate Edition

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Blu-ray distributor Plaion, previously known in Germany as Koch Media, has been responsible for some Special Editions which were absolute jawdroppers. Their release of Richard Stanley's The Color Out of Space was a highpoint for me in 2020, and last year's super special edition of David Lynch' 1984 take on Dune similarly trumped everything else for me.

Unrelated, I'm known as a nutcase with regards to Mamoru Oshii's 1995 anime Ghost in the Shell, copies of which are scattered through my house in five different types of media. I listed them here a long time ago but that article is already hugely outdated.

So guess what the Plaion people decided to release as their next super special editions? Oh brother... it was Ghost in the Shell.

For a while I thought "enough is enough" but seriously, can I own more than ten copies of a film and not buy the one release which might be better than all of those? So yes, I fell for it, as it's a crossroads of two of my largest obsessions as a collector: extremely pretty packaging, and Ghost in the Shell!

And a word of warning for English-language collectors though: all the printed material is in German, and all discs feature Japanese dubs, German dubs and German subtitles. This release is NOT English-friendly. I'm just showing this on an English-language site to maybe, I don't know? Inspire English-language distributors to maybe try a similar thing?

Because hot damn... needless to say this is a looker so here is a gallery of shots. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of each to see a bigger version.

And here it is: a very pretty package indeed. It's quite hefty too because of the books.

What you see here is actually not the box itself, but a translucent outer slipcase. Removing it peels off a layer of Major Kusanagi's face...

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