Pretty Packaging: GHOST IN THE SHELL 1.0, And My Seven-Fold Double-Dip...

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GitS-Sevenfold-Leading.jpg ("I can resist anything except temptation" - Oscar Wilde)

See the image above? It is from Oshii Mamoru's Ghost in the Shell. To be more specific, it's from the original 1995 version. It is not in the revamped cut called "2.0" (where it was replaced with a cgi-generated 3D model), yet it is one of my favorite shots of the whole franchise. And, thanks to Manga UK, you can now check this image out in high definition, as last week they released a Blu-ray of the original "1.0" cut.

Back in Summer 2008, I wrote an article about my love-affair with this film, an infatuation which made me buy it over and over again whenever a better version appeared. I ended that article with: "Guess what one of my first titles will be when I convert to Blu-ray?"

That was then.
This is now... six years later. Time for an update!

When I saw Ghost in the Shell for the first time, I was already late to the party. It was in 2000, at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and luckily in a very large cinema. The film and its soundtrack blew a fuse in my brain, and I've been uncommonly obsessive about it ever since. I'm talking posters, t-shirts, books, soundtracks, and behaviors perhaps more suited to an 18-year-old than to a 40-year-old.

So here is a gallery of the many versions I now own, old and new. I'm not going to write a review for the film itself (the one by Niels already sums it up nicely), this is just about the different editions.

Have a look. Call me crazy. Feel free to point me to other editions!

But most of all, share, in the comments, your stories about the film you're most obsessed with, and which you own several times over!

And here they all are, stacked. In this gallery, I'll run through them from old to new. For the old, I'll sometimes copy snippets from my previous article.

For the new, I end with the new Manga UK-release and give a brief opinion on that release (in short: it's good).

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