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Friday One Sheet: EDEN

Such glorious use of negative space. The key art for Estefanía Cortes's spa-trauma (thriller? horror? drama?) in the forest, Edén, places the human scale against the implacability of nature to great effect. Designed by Villuti Creative Studio, the same team...

Anime Trailers Galore: GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045, EDEN, LEVIUS

Plus: 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened,' all upcoming on Netflix.

New York 2014 Review: EDEN, An Ambitious Yet Personal Look at 90s Electronic Dance Music Scene

The other day, I saw a college kid wearing a T- shirt that said, "In school now just to be a wage slave later." I seriously considered giving the kid a hug. And I could've easily regarded it as some...